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South Africa 

Cannabis Legislation

Selling & advertising is prohibited

Selling & advertising cannabis is prohibited in South Africa & on zadagga.comYou can share cannabis with consenting adults in private as long as there is no compensation.


In South Africa, consenting adults over the age of 18 are allowed to consume & grow cannabis.

Enjoy Dagga, in private

In South Africa, you can enjoy cannabis in private, away from children & when all adults are consenting.

Grow cannabis, in private

You're allowed to grow cannabis in South Africa, in private, & when all adults are consenting.

Transport cannabis, privately

South African regulations let you transport cannabis up to the prescribed limits & as long as its discreetly.

There are no loopholes

There are no loopholes within South African legislation that let you sell/buy cannabis. Guidelines

Protecting ZaDagga Members

Strict no ads policy

Selling & advertising cannabis, tamales, & other goodies is prohibited. Using ZaDagga to facilitate the sale of cannabis is prohibited.

Share nice things, keep it simple.

Users are not allowed to share nudity, violence, racism, hate. Members are also prohibited from spreading misinformation & spam.

Cannabis use Reduction & prevention

Participating in games/challenges that promote the use of cannabis, encourage others to consume cannabis, promote over consumption or peer pressure others into using cannabis is prohibited.

No medical advice given

Providing medical advice, diagnosing medical conditions, or providing medical treatment is prohibited.

No financial transactions

Members are not allowed to use ZaDagga to transfer money, points, or make financial transactions. does not have features that enable users to make financial transactions.

Acceptable Use of

You're encouraged to privately chat with friends, meet up with friends, share cannabis experiences, find new friends, share information regarding cannabis, share your plants, buds & other personal experiences.

Facts about cannabis

Using cannabis is hazardous for your health.

Don't drive 

Don't drive while under the influence of cannabis. 

Cannabis is habit forming

Cannabis is habit forming.

Don't use heavy machinery

To keep everyone safe, don't operate heavy machinery.

Don't mix 

Don't use cannabis with alcohol or other substances.

Cannabis may cause paranoia

You may experience symptoms of paranoia, anxiety & depression.

Cannabis clouds your judgment

Cannabis impacts your ability to make decisions.


keeping ZaDagga for the people

a greener tomorrow

Creating a greener & more prosperous tomorrow by connecting you with cannabis enthusiasts.

Investing in the South African economy by creating programs to train & hire software engineers. is looking forward to investing in the South African economy & creating high paying tech jobs.

No legal advice is given & Modern Host do not provide legal advice. Members are responsible for researching & staying  compliant with all cannabis laws. is publicly accessible to anyone in the world using the world wide web on the https protocol,  including in territories where the consumption, possession & sale of cannabis is illegal.

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All payments are handled via PayPal & non refundable. ZaDagga doesn't store your financial information or PayPal credentials.

You can cancel your membership in under one minute for free at

πŸ‘€ Discreet billing - you'll see "Modern Host" on your billing statement.

Cannabis is not sold

ZaDagga does not sell cannabis or promote the sale of cannabis. 

ZaDagga does not guarantee members will meet friends that grow or smoke cannabis.

Chat, privately. 

Chat, Privately. doesn't scan, analyze or view your messages. 

Strong encryption that protects your messages from prying eyes. 

Beware, that users can take screenshots of conversations.

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